I have always been a writer; I think all writers will tell you that. In elementary school, I wrote books — two of which ended up in the local branch of my county library. In middle school, I wrote plays for my local community theater. In college, I wrote dissertations to fulfill my history major and stories to fulfill my creativity. And after college, I realized that I have a powerful tool to move my career forward in the entertainment industry: I write, I act, and I produce. So I started writing sketch comedy which gave way to a mammoth set of productions to create two feature-film-length seasons of Amazon’s Classic Alice, after which I returned to my sketch roots to create Not a Plan, also streaming on Amazon, and followed that up with a traditional sitcom pilot. Not content with so much comedy, I co-write The Long Dig, an upcoming scifi dramatic short film, which I subsequently produced. I’m excited to continue to build worlds, shape characters, and create stories with a voice that is underrepresented in the industry.

You may view a resume here.

The Blog

Under the #FemaleFilmmakerFriday banner, I write regular posts  about working in the industry as a woman. I use Patreon to help supplement my income so that I may continue to write. There, I provide bonus blog posts about filmmaking, my creative journey, and more. If you’d like to learn more, visit Patreon.com/KateHackett or the Producer section of this website.