I’m Kate Hackett! Maybe you already know me from #FemaleFilmmakerFriday posts on my blog… Or maybe you just think my dog is super cute. Whatever! I am an actor in Los Angeles who also writes, creates, and produces andI would love to make MORE shows and films. I’m thrilled so many of you want to join this community or just say “thank you” for a job well done; for detailed descriptions of the various tiers, either click the links in the sidebar or zip down to the bottom of this pageTiers have no maximum value, so if you want to contribute a different amount, you can write it in.

As much fun as it is to just squeeze my eyes closed & wish reeeeeally hard for a money fairy to tumble out of the sky, I’d much rather be building worlds, weaving words, and filming movies for all of you to enjoy. When you join me, I can pay for headshots, web hosting, classes, workshops, festival submissions, productions, and the oodles of other ways I work really hard to get better and better at this job. No, stop, everyone can always learn and grow, I have plenty of room for improvement, please, hold your applause! And? Most importantly? I have time to work. I can work fewer day jobs and devote more time to the reason I moved here.

I have always wanted to be an actor and storyteller. Producing came naturally — I wanted to bring those stories I created to life — and these are all things I can do… with you!

photo by Anthony Parisi

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Create. World-build. Perform.

…and one more thing. Why here. Why independently. Why not on a site like Patreon? Great question. I do have a Patreon and it’s been massively successful, but after many supporters came to me asking for a way to support ME more directly, I decided I wanted to give it to them. I’ve left the Patreon up and if you feel more secure supporting via that site, great! But if you would like to have a more direct hand in my world and more flexibility to join me, I would love to invite you here. I use WooCommerce’s security laden service and am powered by trusted payment companies like Stripe. You’re in great hands, wherever you join me!


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