Everyone always says that networking is about answering this question:

What can I bring to the table? What problem can I solve?

I have never been accused of wasting time, so let’s waste no time here — let me tell you, directly and firmly, what problems I can solve.

First, I bring a fresh set of eyes to any script and any problem. I am also a woman. Perhaps you noticed. Hiring women means you’re asking for someone outside the easy status quo to examine your project and ask questions you never thought to ask. I bring a different point of view and challenge myself and my team to think: how can I make this stronger, better, and more thoughtful?

I produce female-driven content — items I can star in myself or vehicles for underrepresented markets. Those are the stories I connect to on a visceral level; they are what I love.

I ensure safety in the work place and am proud to say that for the production of The Long Dig, I created a sexual harassment safety memo that has been shared on sets across town. Opening the door to discussion is key and I’m thrilled that so many of my colleagues are using a tool I created to do just that. I budget. And then I stick to that budget. I know people – crew! cast! and beyond! And here’s the biggie: I have navigated the ridiculous waters of SAG.

So there you go! I love bringing strong scripts to life and I’ve been so fortunate to do so with Amazon’s series Classic Alice and Not a Plan as well as indie sci fi darling The Long Dig. I can’t wait to make more!

Check out some of my work below and don’t forget to swing by my Patronage Page if you like what you see.

Funding projects is always difficult, so I have been using Patronage to help spearhead some of my work. Patronage offers me the flexibility to keep creating and I put the money earned from that platform toward future projects like character-based photography, short films, series, and more in addition to using it to keep fiscally solvent in Los Angeles. If  you like what you’ve seen on this page, I invite you to come join my team and be part of the wonderful set of financial backers who make my work possible.

She brings an extremely unique voice and perspective to her work, and serves as an excellent role model for any other women who wish to pursue a career in film. Kate has demonstrated extraordinary talent in terms of her range, continued passion for what she’s making, and the ability to make things happen. I was sold on her as a creative individual the very first time I saw an episode of “Not a Plan.” I decided at that point that I wanted to help her towards achieving her aspirations. As a Patreon Creator, she’s also incredibly engaged with her Patrons. She works tirelessly in order to provide her Patrons with thoughtful posts, such as her Female Filmmaker Friday series, and personally reaches out to everyone via her Discord server, Twitter, Instagram, and monthly “hangs.”

Patron since 2017

You consistently provide value for my donation with interesting tidbits, inside stories and pictures, and peeks behind the scenes that no one else I’ve ever heard of does, making you really the most interesting of all the people I have gotten to know in the film industry.

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TV and movies these days are endless remakes, repeats, cop shows, and comedies-in-name-only. Patreon allows me to support young, innovative, enthusiastic creators writing and performing smartly-written scripts not tied to corporate TV or movie formats that would never see the light of day without the support of patrons.  Patreon allows me to help artists create the art I want to see.

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I started supporting Kate because I thought Classic Alice was a joy to watch, and I felt like Kate seemed like a real go-getter and very passionate about her craft. I'm really happy with the way Patreon has allowed me to stay up to date on her latest projects and make me feel like I have an inside view of what it's like to be an actor/creative in LA. Kate does a great job keep her supporters involved.

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What being a Patron gives me is a sense that I am making a difference for someone and that I am contributing in a small way to making cool things.

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I've been a fan of Kate's since the first few episodes of Classic Alice, and have been following her career and her hustle ever since. Being her patron gives me an inside look at her process, something that has been instrumental in developing my own creative career, and it also allows me to support a kickass female filmmaker because we need more of them in the world.

Bri C.
Patron since 2014

I was introduced to you by YouTube in "Kate and Joe Want to Have Sex" series. I really liked it and wanted to see more of you in other projects. When "Classic Alice" came out, that was a great project and series. I enjoyed it very much. I do my best to support artists and their projects. I respect all the hard work you do and the energy and time you invest in all of your ventures (not sure of what word to use instead of projects or works). There are times I wish I could do more to support you but you know life obligations and whatnot... I hope you continue to put out more of your works! I thoroughly enjoy all you have done!

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I’d strongly urge anyone out there to become a Patron of Kate’s. Not only would you be helping an enormous talented individual continue to create quality work, but you’d also get to engage with, and learn more, about the creative process, the struggles of being a woman in the film industry, and a ton of other subjects. I’m extremely glad that I decided to donate to Kate, and I’d suggest that others do the same.

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