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Patron Update: December 2020

What a year, you guys. What. A. Year. I hope you all had the warmest, healthiest, safest holiday season you could and that 2021 brings us ALL relief. I know I’ve been hanging on here by the skin of my teeth; your continued friendship has been the brightest star of all this year. I’ve made […]

2021 Options!

I’m trying to figure out how people do early release videos and it looks like there are two equally stupid options: one is that I simply upload two videos, one exclusively for Patrons and one for THE WORLD, which loses views. The other is that I manually return to the video and publish it, which […]

November 2020 Update

This year has been so nuts and awful but I’m happy to share a script with you before the big launch on Thursday! Patrons only. <3

October 2020 Update!

This post is locked to Patrons only — thank you for being with me this year! If you’d like to join, please visit and subscribe to any level. This wasn’t a game-changer of a month in a normal year, but THIS year, this 2020 of a goddamn year, I think I’ve moved some needles. […]

September 2020 Update

Hey everyone! Good news! It looks like things are starting to move — my agent told me to go ahead and get headshots turning, a friend booked a costar this month, and it sounds like we may actually see production returning. Now, if I’m honest with myself… even before the shut down, I wasn’t booking […]

August 2020 Update

This post is locked to Patrons only. If you’d like to join, please visit Well, well… another month… I don’t know. Time passes. Word on the street is that things are casting and shows (well, CBS shows) are coming back slowly. Sloooowly is the key word here — my commercial agents asked me to […]

Classic Alice – The Commentaries

Make sure you’re subscribed to the channel because WE’RE BACK! The entire first season is recorded and scheduled to release publicly every week with a super cool behind the scenes narration with me, Kate.  PATRONS get to see everything all at once – right now – so if that’s your jam, come join me at […]

July 2020 Update!

This post is locked to Patrons only. If you’d like to see it, please join me at! Another 2020 month somehow down… I tried a few things in July to get some creative energy flowing. I really loved doing my Not a Plan Commentary so I’m definitely on board to do Classic Alice commentaries […]

Not a Plan Commentary

This post is locked to patrons but you can watch Part 1 of the BTS Commentary here: Please enjoy! Share this:Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new […]

June 2020 Update

2020 can suck butts. The reality is that we are in no shape to reopen here — not filming, not lunching, not anythinging. I really don’t think we’re coming back before December this year. But I also really don’t want to just …sit here and do nothing creatively either.