Helping Creators During Covid

As I’ve realized that it just doesn’t look like there will be ANY acting income this year, I’ve been spending a lot of time developing my day job and promoting stuff for Patrons + YouTube. That means more, new content, sharper lessons with new tools for my tutoring students, and a tornado of writing. Here’s […]

Classic Alice Commentaries – Pygmalion

Not a patron? You can be! Visit Hey there, Patrons! PYGMALION is now up for you. You should have received an avalanche of emails from Youtube (sorry) and, if you’re signed in to the email I have on file for you, you should be able to access the videos for the new book. Enjoy!! […]

Thank you! 🥰

Hi! I just want to say thank you for following me on my Patronage site. This is an incredibly frightening time for freelancers & having so many supporters is keeping hope alive here right now. I’m so thankful, so lucky, and because of you I’m able to donate a bit of my dayjob time to […]

Classic Alice – The Commentaries

Make sure you’re subscribed to the channel because WE’RE BACK! The entire first season is recorded and scheduled to release publicly every week with a super cool behind the scenes narration with me, Kate.  PATRONS get to see everything all at once – right now – so if that’s your jam, come join me at […]

The Long Dig is Now On Prime Video!

Please enjoy & leave a 5 star review!

Covid-19 Perks

I’m opening up my Discord for some ideas today. Come pop by and give your thoughts: No discord? No problem. Leave a comment here! (but discord sure is fun!) I was thinking maybe releasing a writing prompt once a week for Patrons, letting you journal it out & share (or just reflect) in comments […]

2020 Reels

Time for a reel (real?) update! Please enjoy some new reels for 2020.

Self Tape Audition Practice

This post is locked to Patrons of all tiers. If you’d like to see what a self tape practice might look like, join me here: — these are for educational purposes only and not shareable. Today’s tape has two versions of the same scene. The first take is better lit but I felt like […]

Actor Experience: The Lucid Body

This post is locked to Patrons at any level. If you’d like to join my team and gain access to this and all other posts, please visit (Quick Airdrop update — I needed to direct funds into a few other places (website renewal, acting class, and headshots/reels) this month so we’re still at 3285. […]

The Long Dig | Official Short SciFi Fantasy Film

Please enjoy the world premiere of The Long Dig — SHARE, LIKE, and LEAVE COMMENTS. Our first review is at FanGirlNation!