November 2020 Update

This year has been so nuts and awful but I’m happy to share a script with you before the big launch on Thursday! Patrons only. <3

Creative Writing Prompt Project: Prompt 14 – The Children’s Table

We all had it — the kids’ table at Thanksgiving. And at that table staged dramas worthy of Westeros itself: one kid was angling to join the grown up table, another was furious that he didn’t get as much stuffing as his sister, someone else felt it important that we all hear the Thanksgiving song […]

Creative Writing Prompt Project: Prompt 13 – The Dream

So often the ends of our shows and movies are the culmination of a dream — the protagonist wins, gets what she wants, end-film. Well that’s unrealistic, isn’t it? We’ve seen a counter-movement where, at the end, our protagonist doesn’t get what she wants — and that’s interesting, but let’s try another ending entirely: It […]

Creative Writing Prompt Project: Prompt 12 – The First Frost

First, happy NANOWRIMO to anyone participating! Hopefully you can use today’s exercise in your writing somehow. This week, we’re embracing the prose-writing-format because …well, it’s NaNo! The first frost of a year was traditionally the region’s first collective breath hold. Crops are brought in, anything still outside would likely not make it; the fast-paced autumnal […]

New Videos!

Hi, everyone! I wanted to take a sec and promote a few new videos — especially a NEW SKETCH that I did literally everything on. PLEASE make sure you like and share this one! It’s the only way I know if I should keep going — and if you enjoy something, sharing it gives us […]

October 2020 Update!

This post is locked to Patrons only — thank you for being with me this year! If you’d like to join, please visit and subscribe to any level. This wasn’t a game-changer of a month in a normal year, but THIS year, this 2020 of a goddamn year, I think I’ve moved some needles. […]

Creative Writing Prompt Project: Prompt 11 – A Haunted Birthday

My birthday is right before Halloween. As a kid, I always had Halloween themed birthday parties, so today we’re going to write about a haunted birthday party. Really this is about building a world: draw us into the creepy party by creating a surrogate character. A surrogate character is someone who steps in for the […]

Amazon Sketch Rough Cut

Locked to Patrons only! if you’d like to check out this work pre-release, join my patronage team on this very site. LMK if you see anything OVERTLY ACTIONABLE (dropped frames, weird pacing…etc) Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn […]

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Creative Writing Prompt Project: Prompt 10 – It’s ALLIIIIIVEEEE

Let’s write a science fiction horror today! In the vein of Frankenstein, for example, we’re going to cultivate not just some scifi but also a terrifying peek into the human condition. So in order to do that, you’re going to need a main character with an alarming character flaw — hubris, for example, if we’re […]

Creative Writing Prompt Project: Prompt 9 – Developing Suspense

Working to create a suspenseful story is very different than creating one with jump scares. In requires careful pacing, which is what we are going to play with today! Something we worked on last time was raising the stakes, which is going to come in handy here. Write a short (less than 10 pages) scene […]