February 2020 Update!

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Table Read – Escape Room

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Actor Experience: The Lucid Body

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The Long Dig | Official Short SciFi Fantasy Film

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January 2020 All Hands Update

I decided to open this post up to everyone because I have some announcements & whatnots that I figured we could ALL see and enjoy. If you aren’t a patron, I would really love to have you on the team this year because some cool stuff is changing. First — please give a warm goodbye […]

#FemaleFilmmakerFriday – Creating a Transmedia Series, Part II

(don’t miss PART ONE of this two part series) I suggest mapping out your major story first and then seeing where different media elements can help blow out the world. At its core, this is world building, so what elements would your characters have in their world? What adds flavor and interest to these people? […]

#FemaleFilmmakerFriday – Creating a Transmedia Series, Part I

Transmedia — stories that traverse different mediums of storytelling — took off a few years ago. I think the initial spark has definitely faded but it’s something I am glad I tried and I really enjoy talking about so I wanted to go over when to create a transmedia series, how, why, and when & […]

#FemaleFilmmakerFriday – Starting vs Going

I’ve been thinking about what is harder for me — getting started or being able to keep going. I think it’s the latter, but with caveats. I always take forever to start a new project. It’s so daunting to stare at a blank page. There are too many different ways I can plan or prepare […]

Airdrop Scripts

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#FemaleFilmmakerFriday – Why are there so few women in filmmaking?

First, some statistics, sources linked. Women producers & executive producers made up 26% and 21% of filmmakers this last year. That is too low. On the top 100 grossing films of 2019, women represented: 12% of directors 20% of writers 2% of cinematographers 26% of producers 19% of executive producers 23% of editors (Center for […]