Creative Writing Prompt Project: Prompt 11 – A Haunted Birthday

My birthday is right before Halloween. As a kid, I always had Halloween themed birthday parties, so today we’re going to write about a haunted birthday party. Really this is about building a world: draw us into the creepy party by creating a surrogate character. A surrogate character is someone who steps in for the […]

Amazon Sketch Rough Cut

Locked to Patrons only! if you’d like to check out this work pre-release, join my patronage team on this very site. LMK if you see anything OVERTLY ACTIONABLE (dropped frames, weird pacing…etc) Share this:Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share […]

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Creative Writing Prompt Project: Prompt 10 – It’s ALLIIIIIVEEEE

Let’s write a science fiction horror today! In the vein of Frankenstein, for example, we’re going to cultivate not just some scifi but also a terrifying peek into the human condition. So in order to do that, you’re going to need a main character with an alarming character flaw — hubris, for example, if we’re […]

Creative Writing Prompt Project: Prompt 9 – Developing Suspense

Working to create a suspenseful story is very different than creating one with jump scares. In requires careful pacing, which is what we are going to play with today! Something we worked on last time was raising the stakes, which is going to come in handy here. Write a short (less than 10 pages) scene […]

September 2020 Update

Hey everyone! Good news! It looks like things are starting to move — my agent told me to go ahead and get headshots turning, a friend booked a costar this month, and it sounds like we may actually see production returning. Now, if I’m honest with myself… even before the shut down, I wasn’t booking […]

NEW VIDEO: My Fall Morning Routine (parody)

Hi everyone! It’s been one heckuva year, hasn’t it?! We’re still sorta in lock down here in Los Angeles so I’ve been using my time to create some awesome stuff to share with you. If you click the top image, you’ll head over to an all new sketch! I have a few more ideas for […]

Creative Writing Prompt Project: Prompt 8 – Heighten the Stakes

This week I would like to explore raising the stakes in our scenes. For today’s prompt, you are going to craft a scene that raises the problem every five lines. So what that means is that every five lines, your characters are in even more peril than they were before. That could mean, for example, […]

Helping Creators During Covid

As I’ve realized that it just doesn’t look like there will be ANY acting income this year, I’ve been spending a lot of time developing my day job and promoting stuff for Patrons + YouTube. That means more, new content, sharper lessons with new tools for my tutoring students, and a tornado of writing. Here’s […]

Feedback Request!

I wrote three very rough comedy bits that I would love to get some feedback on + share.

Classic Alice Commentaries – Pygmalion

Not a patron? You can be! Visit Hey there, Patrons! PYGMALION is now up for you. You should have received an avalanche of emails from Youtube (sorry) and, if you’re signed in to the email I have on file for you, you should be able to access the videos for the new book. Enjoy!! […]