What was Your Favorite Book as a Child? | Your Questions, Day 17 of 30

What was your favorite book growing up? Why? Lois Lenski’s Indian Captive, which was a narrative version of Mary Jemison’s real capture and life with Native Americans. I loved any book with kids living VERY different lives in very different worlds than mine. I also loved The Ear, the Eye, and the Arm, Mandy, anything […]

What's an L.A. myth that just isn't true? | Your Questions, Day 16 of 30

Los Angeles has a certain “reputation”. Are any of the myths out there untrue? I think the most aggrieving myth is the one that says everyone in Los Angeles is a moron, fake, and just looking to be famous. That has not been my experience whatsoever; in fact, almost annoyingly so because not only are […]

What are you BAD at? | Your Questions, Day 15 of 30

(Woo! Halfway through this 30 day blogging adventure. Thank you for all your questions! If you HAVE questions you’d like to ask, hit me up on Insta or Twitter @HackettKate, leave a comment below, or if you’re a Patron, send me an email!) You’ve blogged about what you’re really good at so… I’m wondering: what […]

What is giving foster kittens back like? | Your Questions, Day 14 of 30

I know you foster kittens and it seems so hard! What is it like when you have to give the fosters back? Well. First. I failed: So — yeah, it’s pretty hard. BUT. I’ve only failed once and I have had eight litters of 1-3 kittens. In fact, I had to give two back this […]

What Do Your Days Look Like? | Your Questions, Day 13 of 30

Hi Kate! I was wondering what your daily schedule looks like? As an actor and a writer, are you always on set? LULZ, no. It’s actually a real treat to get to a set, that’s like — end game. My USUAL days are a lot less exciting and a little more loose. I would actually […]

How do you handle writer's block? | Your Questions, Day 12 of 30

How do you handle writer’s block? If I’m in the middle of a story I usually don’t block — mostly because I have at least a general idea of where I want to go, what I want to say, but once I finish a project… I get. Stuck. It’s actually really bad right now. I […]

#FemaleFilmmakerFriday – How to Give Notes

I’m going to admit something: I am struggling with the beginning of this blog post and with its focus. Giving notes is something that absolutely gets colored by your gender and it absolutely shouldn’t be. My temptation is to say: talk how you talk, say what you need, get the cuts you want, but that’s […]

Get to Know Me Meme, Actor/Writer Edition | Your Questions, Day 11 of 30

This post is locked to Patrons only, any level! To join us, please visit katehackett.com/patronage! 1. Where did you grow up? Maryland! 2. Where do you currently live? Los Angeles! 3.Β Tea or Coffee? Coffee. All the way. 4. What are your career goals? I would like to show run and star in a series and […]

What do you think your greatest strength as a creative is? | Your Questions, Day 10 of 30

What do you think your greatest strength as a creative is? What skills would you recommend honing? I’m smart. I’m also not bashful about it; why demure when you have a skill or a talent? Smart isn’t really a SKILL — and if I’m honest, it’s also my biggest weakness as an actor. You don’t […]

In one sentence, describe your job? | Your Questions, Day 9 of 30

In one sentence, describe your job. Devoting the time, energy, and passion to create stories, characters, and genuine moments during auditions as much as (more than) on set all while putting out production fires.