Would You Do a Self Tape Challenge? | Your Questions, Day 3 of 30

Would you ever do a self tape challenge, where you put yourself on tape every day for 30 days? YES. This is definitely in the pipes for 2020; I think it’s a great way to stay fresh. It’s also a LOT of work, so I think I’ll lock those up for my Patrons at Welcome […]

The Thread in My Writing | Your Questions, Day 2 of 30

What is the thread that connects all of your writing? What makes it uniquely you? Do you think others pick up on it? I think my biggest strengths are natural dialogue, so I think that connects everything I’ve done so far pretty tightly. I also have a strong voice when I paint the scene. But […]

What do you like to act in? to read? to write? | Your Questions, Day 1 of 30

Over the last year of running this blog, I have been lucky enough to field questions from my readers (hi, thank you, gross) and I really love doing it. I know I tend to be more comfortable answering things one on one but I also know that I get repeat questions and sometimes it’s just […]

November Update + December Party!

This post is locked to Patrons only. If you want to join us for our December live chat, which is open to ALL patrons of ANY tier, please visit www.katehackett.com/patronage FIRST. This is important: Please fill this out ASAP so I can find the least bad time for the most people. http://whenisgood.net/xk2yq2a. We’ll do a […]