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Awkward "Friend" Girl: Windsor Park, Girls

ADORKable! Classic Alice, Not Hot

Geek Girl: Windsor Park, Revenge of the Nerds

Concerned, Responsible Adult: A Special Message for America's Teens

Dumped with Dignity!: The Concession (also written by Kate)

Girl-Next-Door with Some Geekitude: Kate & Joe Just Want to Have Sex (also written by Kate)


Unwitting Girlfriend: Tom's Big Date

Supportive Girlfriend: The Interview and Everything's Amazing, No Worries

Confused Chick: Breaking & Entering and With Friends Like These

Quietly Tolerant: Surprise Surprise and How to Handle Adversity and Migraine Sex 

and Clean Sex

Annoyed Ex Girlfriend: How to Coexist... and How to Get Revenge

Hurt Ex: How to Have a Bad Day and The Concession (but with pizzazz!)

Quirky Geek Girl: Phone Sex and Youtube Sex and Sex Sex and Quickies

Just Adorbs: Sorry Sex

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Sad, Unrequired Love: The A.K.
Terrorized, Damaged Girl: The Attic
(password: kateattic)

Drug Addict Girlfriend: Drugstore
(password: drugs)

Strong Ex Moving On: Monkey See, Monkey Do

Young Prostitute: Catcher in the Rye

Dissatisfied Woman: Truth Be Told