The Formal

Kate Hackett is an up and coming actress in Los Angeles, California, known for a quick wit and an ability to dig deep emotionally. She has been acting since she was four years old, all the way back in Maryland. She grew up doing musicals (she sings!) and other straight plays, but made the transition to film when she attended Boston University for college. Kate has worked on many independent films and commercials and has produced, starred in, and written her own content. She is fully trained in the Stanislavski, Adler, and Meisner techniques (see resume for schools) and has both studied and performed at UCBUpright Citizen's Brigade, in Los Angeles and with Jackson's Onus, an awesome improv troupe. Kate loves dramatic acting, but is equally versed in comedy. She believes strongly in writing and creating her own material, so there's always something new just around the corner!

To view her projects and demos, please feel free to visit her resume and videos on this site.

The Informal

Kate Hackett: cat owner. book lover. pie eater.

Hey there! Now that the Very Serious formal bio is out of the way... I've been acting since I was 5 years old, trained alongside Emerson students in Boston and the bigwigs out in L.A., and am working within the web/internet community to branch out into new (and old) media. Along the way, I started working as a private tutor/acting coach to pay the bills and I'm extremely nerdily enthusiastic. If you've ever worried about an actor getting hammered before a shoot, worry no more: I'm about as wild as you'd expect from someone who thinks the English Civil War is kind of hilarious (I mean, Charles II! stop dissolving Parliament!! What are you dooooing?! doofus). I also read like books are going out of style; you can follow me on Goodreads if you want to see what's on my shelf (let's geek out!). 

Basically, what all that dorkitude I just gave you means is that when I love something, I love it. I throw myself in - all in - and that's what I've done in my work on screen as well. I've studied serious tehcniques (Stanislavski! Adler! Meisner! Shari Shaw! Schmancy Name!) and I've studied the "fun stuff" (UCB! improv troupes! sketches!). I can shift from beat to beat, moment to moment, in a comedy and I can find the reality - and the humor - within drama while staying out of my own way. 

I live in Los Angeles with some idiot cats and so many books that I store Harry Potter on my kitchen shelves. 

Kate Hackett